1.3. SVN Checkout and Build Scripts

Now that the latest FreeBSD patches have been installed, it's time to download the svn and create the build environment.

1.3.1. Checkout the SVN

You can either check out the svn directly, or your can get the go.sh script that will check out the svn and create the build environment.

/usr/local/bin/svn checkout http://svn.smallwall.org/SmallWall/freebsd8


If you directly checkout the svn, you will need to move go.sh to the directory containing the "freebsd8" directory.

1.3.2. Setting up the build Environment

Update svn if this is an existing svn checkout that may not be current and execute the go.sh file as root from the directory containing the freebsd8 directory. This will set many environment variables, and then run a bash shell. You will be in this "build shell" until you type "exit." You must complete the build process before exiting.


This script and all of the ones following will take a while.